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Subject: Re: Cork records- how?
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 20:23:49 EST


Were the children married in Ireland or Chicago? If Ireland, I would look at
the marriage index. If Catholic, start in 1864. If Church of Ireland, start
in 1845. Since the marriage would take place in the bride's parish, you would
have the church records to look at.

Just a thought.

Also, looking at thirteen church records wouldn't be too bad. Try the website. Go to the library catalog and click on place name. Type
in the civil parish name and nothing else. See if any church records pop up. I
just realized this is Cork. I'm not sure if the LDS have the films on the
Cork churches but try anyway.

Good luck.

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Searching for Fahey/Hogan/Keane/Hopkins in Chicago from Mayo


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I've been following this discussion with interest, as I am trying to find
records in County Cork. I wish I could find a simple way to do it.
Patrick Lyons came to Chicago about 1879. He's in the 1880 census as a
widower. His children came to Chicago before him. William, my husband's
g-grandfather, came about 1865. Ellen Lyons Sheehan, Mary Lyons Connors, John Lyons,
and Patrick Lyons came later. I have burial locations for all of these people,
and know that they came from County Cork.
I'ver been able to trace these families into the near present, but have been
stymied about how to work backward.
I did find an obituary for Patrick jr. which listed Patrick sr. and Nora
McDonnell as his parents.
I want to find out if Nora died in Ireland (She's not buried in Chicago),
where Patrick may have lived- there are 13 in Griffith's valuation- and if
there were more children.
-Jennifer Lyons


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