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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 12:47:03 -0600
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My research in Ireland was very interesting, I did not go to the
heritage centers but directly to the church, in Galway Rahoon Parish
there was a nun in charge of family history for that parish, she was
wonderful and very organized (what nun is not)she was very happy to see
me and was more than helpful beyond the call of duty, she was interested
in me, for this way she found out the rest of the story on my family,
which was very interesting to find out that my family also check in with
the church to let church know where they went, who they married all very
neatly written down, I was very surprised at this myself. The nun in the
parish had the original books must remember that these books are very
old and that maybe a reason they do not want you to look at them. If
everyone handled the books they could literally fall apart, she had
rewritten the books and I was allowed to look at those while she look in
the old books, which I thought was a brilliant idea. For about 100
Euro's that I paid her was more than worth it for I was able to go back
to three great's parents, aunts and uncles so forth and maps of just
exactly where they lived.

In other parish, the priest wrote down all my family history that he
had, I was not allowed to look at the books, he literally ran 4 parishes
and quite a busy man so 100 Euro's was well worth it, along with sending
me to see a family who held the early books on deaths, with this family
a whole wealth of information came my way, even who made the
arrangements for sending my grandmother to the states. Sad part of this
was not a single family member had a headstone but he new where they
were buried and what they died of, and who in the area was a family member.

Another thing I have found is just driving around the area your family
is from stop when you see someone outside if their age is over 60 and
ask if they know your family, my family is from Barna, I stop to asked
this man about my family and he told me if I look to my left that is
were your grandfather was born, and than information more than I could
dream of came my way along with many other people to go and see, I
can't say if it was just the luck of the Irish, but my Mom and I said it
seem like everyone just drop from heaven.

I feel I was very lucky but a lot was sad many had left the area, with
no trace of them or only rocks left of there homes, many used as sheds.
Just a note that all information I received from the neighbors was 100
percent correct.

I really think that finding your family history it really depends on the
parish, priest, nuns and most of all your attitude when you ask and how
well prepared you are with information that you have, I did have
everything that I knew written down and parish wrote in what area's that
was blank, I can say the nun and the priest were very delighted that I
was organized. Always be prepared to pay and give the higgest your regards!

Just a thought,


Dan Hogan wrote on 3/2/2005, 11:27 AM:

> I did state in my post that the catholic church defends its position by
> saying they do not have the time nor man-power to do the amount of
> look-ups requested. The issue of whether the church has a right to
> charge a fee is not in question, most all that have discussed this in
> the past on several rootsweb lists agree on this, it is the fees that
> anger many.
> The respected heritage centers do provide information, I never said
> they did not. In the archdiocese of Cashel & Emly, which is most of
> Tipperary, the standard fees are 79 Euros just to do the look-up, and
> then with the horrific Irish naming pattern, you really do not know if
> it is the right person. Then it is another 25 Euros to make the copies
> and send via snail mail. These fees do not depend on the amount of
> research, they are fixed.
> Dan Hogan
> On Tuesday, March 1, 2005, at 06:09 PM, wrote:
> > I have done a lot of research in Ireland and had no problems with the
> > Catholic parishes I requested marriage and baptism records from. The
> > catholic
> > church is suffering from a shortage of priest and the priest they have
> > in some
> > cases have to cover two parishes which does not leave them a lot of
> > time. I do
> > not feel it is a catholic against protestant thing. As for the
> > heritage
> > centers I have also obtained information from them. The cost of
> > course depends
> > on how much research has to be done. We need to remember that these
> > are not
> > volunteer centers.
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