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From: cheryl kale <>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 13:41:04 -0800 (PST)

Hi List,

I've seen the postings re Irish Records, and I appreciate the info about getting them the cheapest way. I'm just about to start searching in Ireland and wonder if any of you have relatives from Westmeath?

My John Keenan was supposedly from there. We know NOTHING about him prior to his death in Chicago, 1892. According to his death cert, he was 45, which places his BD at 1846-47. It also states he was in IL 40 years, which means he immigrated as a very young child, famine era. We've never found him on any census, but voter's reg shows he was naturalized in NY, 1864. The record I received was tied to a soldier's record, and that guy was much older than mine. Family lore states Westmeath, so that's where I am starting, and Candi feels Mulingar has mucho Keenans, so I've picked that area of Westmeath.

Does anyone have any Keenans (O'Cainons) from Westmeath? Any specifically from Mulingar? Does anyone know of a Chicago area FHC that has these films on loan? I can call each one, but if you already know, it would save us some time. Since they are volunteers I hate to bother them for something someone else knows already.

ANY insight you can give me to tracing John's birth and his parents would be greatly appreciated.


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