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Subject: Re: IRISH records
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 16:13:06 EST


I was never charged a fee when I was researching at the National Library and
the National Archives in Dublin. But let's us not forget, it's the Irish
taxpayers (not the government!) who are footing that bill and I'm very grateful
to them.

I agree that the Heritage Centres are a bit expensive. I have found that
using the Family History Centers (Mormons) are a better bargain especially if
you live in the USA. The best part is you can look at all the persons married
or baptized in the area in which your ancestors lived if you know it. One of
the church records I use covers baptisms and marriages up to 1912. I have a
copy of the microfilm on permanent hold at my local FHC and can look at it
whenever the FHC is open. The National Library's microfilm on church records only
goes up to 1880. Also you can't look at the records at the GRO only the


Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Searching for Fahey/Hogan/Keane/Hopkins in Chicago

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If the National Library in Dublin only charges a small fee for information
then it is in the minority in Ireland. I have found Irish research
to be the most expensive in all the British Isles. The Heritage Centres are
some of the worst culprits. The records are of the people and as such
should belong to the people. Charges to cover administration costs, or the
time taken by a priest to refer to the records are reasonable charges, but
to make a profit from our records I believe is indefensible. Particularly
as the Irish economy is now one of the highest in Europe and indeed the world


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