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Subject: Fwd: [Irish in Chicago] Re: IRISH-IN-CHICAGO-D Digest V05 #11
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 12:10:40 -0800

Correction, should say archdiocese of Killaloe, not Ikerrin.
Dan Hogan

Begin forwarded message:
> This is not entirely true. Part of Tipperary, the extreme NE, is in
> the archdiocese of Ikerrin, which the parish films are available
> through the LDS sight, I have seen them. The area is that part of
> Tipperary bordering the county of Offaly formerly Kings County.
> Dan Hogan
> On Tuesday, March 1, 2005, at 09:32 AM, wrote:
>> Let's not forget that you cannot get Tipperary records there either.
>> The
>> bishop (Clifford) has an iron grip on them and they can only be had
>> for a
>> substantial fee at one maybe two heritage centers in Co. Tipperary.
>> The one I know
>> for sure is in Tipperary Town and is operating. The other, which was
>> in
>> Nenagh I believe is closed.
>> Carmen-Pittsburgh

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