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From: Alan Barnard <>
Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago]
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 11:31:27 -0800
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If the National Library in Dublin only charges a small fee for information
then it is in the minority in Ireland. I have found Irish research
to be the most expensive in all the British Isles. The Heritage Centres are
some of the worst culprits. The records are of the people and as such
should belong to the people. Charges to cover administration costs, or the
time taken by a priest to refer to the records are reasonable charges, but
to make a profit from our records I believe is indefensible. Particularly
as the Irish economy is now one of the highest in Europe and indeed the world


At 09:32 01/03/2005, wrote:
>Let's not forget that you cannot get Tipperary records there either. The
>bishop (Clifford) has an iron grip on them and they can only be had for a
>substantial fee at one maybe two heritage centers in Co. Tipperary. The
>one I know
>for sure is in Tipperary Town and is operating. The other, which was in
>Nenagh I believe is closed.
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