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Subject: Re: Parish records
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:23:08 EST


Have you checked out the Family History Centers of the Mormons? The website

If they have your grandparents' parish records on microfilm, you would be
better off looking at them yourself. It's hard to believe but there is a priest
shortage in Ireland. Most priests cover more than one church especially in
the rural areas. When I was last there in 2003, the priest would say the 7:00
PM Mass at one church and then say the 8:00 PM Mass in the other church. His
nickname was Father Speedy because he said the Mass so quickly (within
thirty minutes and with a nice homily, I'd say). I have first cousins who attend
the church and I believe because of that I was able to look at the books any
time I wanted even if the priest wasn't there. This was in Mayo outside of

The priests do not have time to research and I had an instance in which I
sent a request for info with a fairly good donation but never heard from the
priest. I had exact dates. My husband went there a few months later and met
with his second cousins we found through research. The priest had the letter and
the check. The priest allowed my husband to look at the church records
because he went there with his second cousin. Otherwise my husband would not had
been able to look at the records. The priest said he received many requests
but he doesn't have the time. He tried to return the check but my husband told
him to keep it. This was in Meath.

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Searching for Fahey/Hogan/Keane/Hopkins in Chicago

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I want to ask the priests in some of my grandparents' old parishes to search
their records and have some questions: Where's the best place to get parish
addresses? What offering should I make for the priest's time? Do you
send a check in euros, or are dollars OK (I live in the States)? Any
would be very welcome.


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