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From: "Martin Srubar" <>
Subject: The Irish Diaspora Thesis
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 02:53:51 +0100

Dear Irish friends,

Although I am not of Irish descent, I am sure you can help me and I hope you understand why I am addressing this letter to you...

I am a university student (Ostrava University - from Czech Republic (Europe) and I am writing a thesis on Irish Diaspora. The aim of my thesis is to compare Irish communities in the USA, England, Australia and Canada (i.e. why and when the Irish left Ireland, how they have assimilated in new countries, if they uphold their traditions, if they wish to return to Ireland, etc.)

I'd like to ask you for a little help.... I need to gather information on the subject, so that I have prepared a short questionnaire. This questionnaire makes a core of my thesis. I am trying to contact people of Irish origin abroad to ask them to fill in that questionnaire. I do not ask to fill in any question that one can feel to be over the top. It's entirely anonymous. I do NOT ask people to identify themselves in any way (no addresses, no credit card numbers, etc.). I would be more than happy with completeted anonymous questionnaires... (sent via email as well as snail mail) I welcome answers from anyone of Irish heritage, either being born in Ireland or abroad. I also will be grateful for any comments on the life, troubles, accomplishments, etc. of the Irish community in your country.

The above mentioned questionnaire is available on my web page (there you can find also contact to my university, including my supervisor, and why I have chosen this topic for my Diploma Thesis) or I can send it to you via email.

If you are interested in my conclusions, please check my website in late April, I'll make it available there. And if you even want be an anonymous part of it, please fill it in...

Please feel free to ask me anytime anything concerning my survey.

Thanking you in advance for your time and willingnes. And if this letter is disturbing you, I apologize...

Best wishes,

Martin Srubar

my address:

Sjednoceni 630

742 13 Studenka

Czech Republic


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