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Subject: Re: General Register Office
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 15:44:57 EST


I was there in 2003. In order for you to look at all the indexes for the
day, you have to pay a fee of 15 or 16 Euro. You cannot look at the records.
Your request for records was limited to five for the whole day which cost 1.50
Euro per request and if it's not correct, you blew 1.50 Euro. The GRO is a
government office and it closes for lunch for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

You might be better off ordering films through the Mormons' family history
centers (FHC) especially if your relatives were born before 1880. That way you
can look at the other people who live on the same and neighboring townlands.
The FHCs have microfilms of civil records starting in 1845 for non Catholic
marriages and Catholic marriages, all births and deaths from 1864-1880 and
again from 1900-1955 for births. Indexes go to 1921 for births, marriages and
deaths. Microfilms of marriage and death records though only go to 1870.

I personally like looking at the microfilms to look for other people on the

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald

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I'm new to this list, and wondering if anyone has used the General Reigster
Office in Dublin to do searches of the Irish civil records for them. I'd be
interested in hearing of their experiences. I'm researching the families of
and Julia Kerrigan and Patrick and Delia Lally, all of whom lived in Chicago
from around 1900 until their deaths in the 1940s and 1950s.

Diane Culhane

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