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Subject: Re:Naming
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 12:09:35 EST


My Irish cousin, Margaret, related this story to me last year. Her oldest
daughter, Maureen, went to the local Registrar's office in Castlebar Co. Mayo
to get her birth record (Maureen was born in 1975) and was told there was no
child born as Maureen on the date she gave them.
As it turned Maureen was named Margaret Mary but at her birth her paternal
grandmother said she looked like a Maureen. So the name stuck and everyone
forgot her actual name was Margaret.

Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
Searching for Fahey/Hogan/Keane/Hopkins in Chicago

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My father was not named after his Da. But, he named his only son after
My older sister was named for my Da's sister. She died young from TB. I
was the second daughter and was to be named Mary Margaret after my
grandmothers. Mary was on my Da's side. I have two different papers
(Baptisms). One
says I am Mary Margaret. The other says I am Margaret Mary ... after my
side. My Dad and Aunt had a fight the story goes...she won. But, my Da
we will call her Maureen anyway. Until I made my First Communion I never
knew I was really Margaret and not Maureen.
When we moved to Phoenix the nuns wouldn't call me Maureen because they
it wasn't a saint's name. Obviously, they weren't Irish. So, half the
called me Maureen and the other half Margaret (Magi). The nun dropped the
Mary because there was another Margaret Mary.
What confusion! Now, I think my aunt was trying to follow the naming


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