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Subject: Naming
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:43:25 EST

My father was not named after his Da. But, he named his only son after
My older sister was named for my Da's sister. She died young from TB. I
was the second daughter and was to be named Mary Margaret after my
grandmothers. Mary was on my Da's side. I have two different papers (Baptisms). One
says I am Mary Margaret. The other says I am Margaret Mary ... after my Mom's
side. My Dad and Aunt had a fight the story goes...she won. But, my Da said
we will call her Maureen anyway. Until I made my First Communion I never
knew I was really Margaret and not Maureen.
When we moved to Phoenix the nuns wouldn't call me Maureen because they said
it wasn't a saint's name. Obviously, they weren't Irish. So, half the world
called me Maureen and the other half Margaret (Magi). The nun dropped the
Mary because there was another Margaret Mary.
What confusion! Now, I think my aunt was trying to follow the naming rules.

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