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Subject: Re: IRISH-IN-CHICAGO-D Digest V05 #3
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 16:26:34 EST

Sharon, in my experience with my Irish family the first girl is named after
the father's mother, and the second daughter, after the mother's mother (just
like the male line).. sometimes the first daughter might be named after both
grandmothers, like "Mary Ann". or "Ann Mary". In my case , as first daughter,
I would be "Ann" after both grandmothers, but my mother balked, saying that
then she would be referred to as "Big Ann", and I, therefore would be called
"Little Ann". so to solve the dilemma and salve my mother's ego, I was named
Anita", (Spanish for "little Ann") and so my mother would never be called "Big
Ann". Macar1

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