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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabes
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:34:10 EDT

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> Little Flower is still open, the activist priest Father Flager (sp?)
> has been there for at least the past 15 years. I believe it's
> almost entirely Black.

Father Pfleger is not at Little Flower he is at St. Sabina's. I looked in
the 2003 Archdiocese of Chicago Directory and it lists Little Flower Parish as
closed. It so sad!
I don't know if it was you (Bonnie) that asked about archives at Nativity or
Our Lord Parish and St. Gabes but I sent one reply but haven't had an
oppotunity to get back to you.
This last weekend I helped put on a production of LateNite Cathechism 2 with
an Academy of Our Lady or Longwood (another Southside high school that is
closed) alumni. The production was absolutely fabulous. If anyone has not had
an opportunity to see Late Nite Cathechism or Late Nite 2 I highly recommend
it. The audience of 900 laughed continuously for 2 hours.
Ann Minogue Smith

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