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Subject: Fwd: [Irish in Chicago] Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabes
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:55:13 -0700

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Dear Bonnie: The Address on Winchester is 8052 in Nov. 1933
to 1982. Thanks dear heart I'll have to get off me l--- Ass.
Love (*_*)aj. If I can be of help ie., Quinn's from Armagh N. Ireland.
Same guy. (*_*)aj.

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>From: Bonnie <>
>Subject: Fwd: [Irish in Chicago] Nativity of Our Lord and St. Gabes
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>Hi Art--
>Winchester Ave. runs 7500 North to 1000 South (at 8-"hundreds" to a
>mile). I know you're southsiders, but do you have an address? It will
>make a difference in parishes.
> might want to try some of the southern suburbs newspapers.
>I don't have the URL off hand, but google the Oak Lawn public library...
>they have several of the south side papers obits online. Southtown
>Blue Island paper, Oak Lawn paper, etc. When it's in the 9000's south,
>in Chicago's Beverly neighborhood, which is very close to Evergreen Park
>and Oak
>Lawn suburbs.
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>Dear Bonnie: Maybe you can help, can't find OBITS for My Quinn Family On
>Winchester Ave, Chicago in any Chicago paper. Can you suggest the
>Catholic Church in the above neighborhood. Time frame, 1900 to
>1982. Love(*_*)aj Art Jansson.
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