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From: Bonnie <>
Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Streets, Renumbering
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 18:10:53 -0500

For Kelly and others having trouble with the Chicago street're not alone! It took me several visits
with a wonderful gentleman at the Newberry Library before
I understood this book, too. And Kelly, I especially see why
you're confused with "uncle" Timothy Burke at 2322 Fulton in 1900.

at:, about 2/3 of the way down,
is the table "Chicago Address Renumbering Table, Residential 1909"
Once the .pdf file loads, click on the letter of your street name
(remember, "number" streets are spelled out (e.g. TwentyFirst).

Once you get to the page, you'll see FIVE BIG columns, separated
by heavy lines. Each BIG column is divided into 2 LITTLE columns,
divided by thin lines. Each LITTLE columns is labeled EVEN NOS

Within the LITTLE columns are two columns of numbers, separated
by space only. These two columns are labeled NEW and OLD
(personally, this reads backwards to me, but what the heck).
Follow down the OLD column until you find your house number
(in Kelly's case 2322) and the column to the left (the NEW column)
will have the current street number. Voila.

In Kelly's case, there is old address 2320 Fulton listed (new address894)
and old address 2324 Fulton listed (new address 896), but no 2322! I
can't explain this, unless maybe the census taker wrote down house
numbers wrong, or the house was torn down before 1909 (though
the lot number should still be there), or what. In
this case I guess you'll just have to be satisfied looking at the
neighborhood. Sorry, Kelly!


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