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From: Bonnie <>
Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Photos of Old Chicago Homes
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 13:48:29 -0500

This hasn't been posted in some time, and I just wrote it up
for someone, so I'll repeat it here. Thanks to the kind soul
on this listserv who originally gave me the link.

Current photos of many/most homes in Chicago are online,
thanks to the Cook County Assessor.

If your street address is pre-1909, first go to and scroll down about
halfway to the link to "Chicago Address renumbering". This
is the magic book that the Chicago Historical Society has
graciously allowed to be put online. Once it loads, click on
the letter for your street name to find the page. There you'll
find listed a cross-reference of "old" and "new" house numbers.
Not every address changed numbers, so don't panic if you
don't find yours. (hint: if you're looking for a "number" street, e.g.
21st, you'll find it listed under the T's...spelled out.) (also a special
thanks to the "alookatcook"'re wonderful!)

Once you have the current address, go to:

Scroll down to: Search by Address

I always start by entering just a block (e.g. 4500 to 4600)
direction (N,S,E, W) and street name, city. Leave the
"residential class" as it is. Search.

With any luck, you'll come up with a list of properties on
that block, and current photos via the last column on the right.
I've found some well kept homes, some real dumps, and a couple
of vacant lots (bummer). Of course, if your ancestors home has been
replaced with a McMansion, you'll find that instead.



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