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Subject: RE: [Irish in Chicago] Chicago Street Maps
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 07:53:38 -0600
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I have had some luck using MapQuest

I have entered the old address and it showed the location for right now.
Unfortunately for me, the neighborhood was replaced by a housing project.

Hope this will some what help.

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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Chicago Street Maps

I have now just sorted out where many of my relatives first settled in
Chicago in the early 1900's and would appreciate any help from listers
who could point me in finding out if there are any on line maps of
Chicago which would show me where they lived

The streets are

Morgan Street
S. Carpenter Street
S. Racine
Sangamon in South Chicago
69th Street
La salle Street
So. Aberdeen St.
So. Campbell St.
So. Carpenter St.
and the following Catholic Churche
St. Brendans
St. margarets
St. Dorothy
St. Sabines
St. Dennis

and the following cemeteries
Mount Olivet
Holy Sepulchre

All of my relatives were Irish

AsI live in Australia I have found much difficulty in trying to find
older Street maps of Chicago and would appreciate any help

thank you

Michael McDonnell

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