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My husband has many, many relatives buried at Mt. Carmel, and yes it is true
Al Capone is buried there, don't forget it is also the burial of the Chicago

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I don't remember whether it was Mount Carmel, but I believe it was, the one
that opened about 1901. On the other side of the street is Queen of Heaven,

where the office is located. Mount Carmel has some of the most beautiful
headstones you can imagine. I have family buried there from almost the
opening of
the cemetery. On the north west edge of Mount Carmel is an entry way with
stone after stone that are statues, etc. They are amazing. Queen of
Heaven, on
the other hand, has more stones that are flush with the ground, or not very
tall. I also have many family members in mausoleums with 4-8 family members

entombed. Mount Carmel is also where Al Capone is buried. He is buried
bushes in front of his tombstone, so it isn't easy to know exactly where he
buried. On the south side of the cemetery, there is an entrance about in
middle. When you turn into the cemetery, you then turn right. His stone is
far along there on the right. Of course, it has been 3 years since I was
to get there, as I now live in Florida.

My suggestion is to write the cemetery. If you are in the states, you could

call them and get some assistance also. They are very, very busy!

Good Luck.

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