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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] Neighborhoods??
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 11:19:26 -0700
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The re-numbering of Chicago streets was done on 1 Sept., 1909, except
for the downtown area known as the Central Business District. The CBD was
done on 1 April, 1911. This is critical to know in dealing with the census
reports of 1900 & 1910.
By 1869, all of West Town was annexed to Chicago.
In 1901, 2322 Fulton Street was on Fulton, near N. 45th Ave. (now
Kilbourn), well outside of "West Town". This area is "Humboldt Park". On 1
Sept. 1909 it was re-numbered to 4506 W. Fulton Street and would be that
address today.
I'd guess that the address is actually from 1910 and there is either a
typo in the original message or their records have an error in
documentation. 2322 W. Fulton of 1910 and today is east of Western and is in
West Town.
Jim Ryan, CA

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> West Town
> "Mark Noble bought and cleared land for a farm on the Northwest Side
> the 1830's, but little settlement took place there until the 1850's. In
> 1851 Chicago extended it's city limit to Western and North Avenues, thus
> taking in much of the lower Milwaukee Avenue corridor." From Chicago:
> of Neighborhoods" by Pacyga and Skerrett.
> The address you gave: 2322 Fulton wouldn't have been within those
> boundaries given the numbering system today, (the City of Chicago enacted
> law in 1913 to renumber all the streets). In 1901 the Fulton St. address
> probably in West Town. West Town is now a neighborhood designation
> the city of Chicago.
> I hope this helps you.
> Kathleen Brennan Mammoser
> Researching BRENNAN in Co. SLIGO and BRENNAN, GALLAGHER and KENNEDY in Co.

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