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Subject: RE: [Irish in Chicago] sharing successes & sources (long)
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 07:37:11 -0500
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Dear Judy,

I noticed your reference to your godfather possibly working for the police
department. A bit over a year ago, SKS, listed an address for the police
retirement and annuity department. Unfortunately I don't have it, maybe
someone could list it again. Anyway, a year ago, I was temporarily working
down in the Loop (I'm from WI) and it turned out I could see the building
they where in from the office I was working in. It was just a block away.
One day, I walked over during lunch and found a gold mine. At first, the
person wasn't real helpful, but as we talked for a few minutes she warmed
up. She said to call her back in about an hour to see what she found.
Depending on when your person was an officer they may have the info at
their finger tips. If they retired prior to, I believe 1920, they have to
send over to the archives to get info and it takes forever. My
great-grandfather retired in 1933 and they told me where he was born
(Limerick, Ireland), when his pension ended, how much it was, the amount my
great-grandmother continued to get and when her pension ended.

Hope this helps and good luck


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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] sharing successes & sources (long)

Dear Margaret;

I see you have a Francis Kane referenced in your data and wonder if you
might have any information that I might be interested in. My godfather was
Francis Kane b.c.1900 here in Chicago. He was killed in an automobile
accident while vacationing in AZ during the 1950's. All I remember about
him is 1) he lived in St. Peter Canisius RC Parish 2) worked for the City of
Chicago possibly with the police department and 3) he, his wife (don't
remember her name) and 2 sons owned a summer home in Fontana, Lake Geneva,

Are you hearing any bells or whistles? Please let me hear from you.

Judie Mason
Chicago, IL

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