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From: "John" <>
Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Irish successes in Chicago- LYONS, McDonough
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 11:13:30 -0400
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I have been researching a LYONS family in Chicago for several years. This
was my father-in-law's family and he had some documents to help with the
initial problems. Perhaps the most useful thing he gave me was a copy of his
father's baptismal certificate. From that, I learned that he was baptised at
Sacred Heart Church at 19th and Peoria St. I contacted the archivist at the
Archdiocese of Chicago, where records of many closed Catholic parishes are
housed, and she sent me baptismal information for 5 children in the Lyons
family, along with names of sponsors. She also sent confirmation
Grandpa also gave us a list of names his mother wrote up- married names of
Lyons daughter. While it wasn't totally accurate, it provided a starting
place as I looked at census data.
I also used the Illinois State marriage index and death indexes, but I found
that I was mostly looking for information outside the time frames covered by
those databases.
I did find earlier Chicago death records at my FHC and ordered the films
from Sacred Heart so that I could check the records myself.
I used several online databases quite heavily. Census data was useful, as
well as the Chicago voter rolls- source of William's naturalization papers.
Getting obituaries was the most helpful because then I had married names of
When I got really stuck I contacted the Newberry Library in Chicago. It is a
history library and has extensive genealogy holdings. I am working with one
of their researchers, for a fee, and she has located information that I
thought we would not be able to obtain.
I have gone from knowing nothing about the eight Lyons children to being in
contact with a number of great-grandchildren, having some pictures, and
knowing a few family stories. I have a few leads to the earlier generation,
as well.
Current brick walls: Where did William Lyons come from? Where did Annie
McDonough and William Lyons marry? Who was Daniel McDonough and how does he
fit into this puzzle? Was William the son of Patrick and Norah Lyons from
County Cork, Ireland?
Good luck hunting. If you tie into this, let me know.
-Jennifer Lyons

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