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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] sharing successes & sources (long)
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Dear Margaret;

I see you have a Francis Kane referenced in your data and wonder if you
might have any information that I might be interested in. My godfather was
Francis Kane b.c.1900 here in Chicago. He was killed in an automobile
accident while vacationing in AZ during the 1950's. All I remember about
him is 1) he lived in St. Peter Canisius RC Parish 2) worked for the City of
Chicago possibly with the police department and 3) he, his wife (don't
remember her name) and 2 sons owned a summer home in Fontana, Lake Geneva,

Are you hearing any bells or whistles? Please let me hear from you.

Judie Mason
Chicago, IL
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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] sharing successes & sources (long)

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> My father, Philip Kane, died in 1966 when I was in elementary school. The
> only information I had on him, when I began my genealogical research was
> death certficate. From his birth certificate, then census records, etc I
> been able to piece together a picture of the family line back to the Kane
> immigrant from Ireland. Since that immigrant came prior to 1840, I've got
a brick
> wall there; but that's just how genealogy is!!!
> I can't speak highly enough of the LDS Family History Centers. I am now a
> member of the church, but prior to joining I had nothing but great help
from the
> folks that volunteer in those little centers, regardless of my own
> affiliation.
> Most of my family history success in Chicago has been using the microfilms
> that are present in the FHC's; so I can speak best about that resource.
Some of
> the same information might be online and if anyone else can give a
> I'd be most appreciative.
> I have visited Chicago once, back in the late 80's. At that time I hadn't
> known where in Chicago my father's family had lived, so I've never visited
> cemeteries there. All the information that I have been able to gather
about my
> Kane and McMahon families in Chicago has been from LDS microfilms.
> The LDS - FHC has microfilms for various cemeteries in Chicago. Film #
> 1487487 has burials for Mt Carmel Cemetery. From it I now know where my
> grandparents and some of the great-uncles are buried. Film #1509015 has
burials for
> Calvary Cemetery where my grandmother McMahon's family are buried. (again
> been awhile, but I think the films are in alphabetical order and there are
> than 1 film for each of the cemeteries, along with supplements.)
> I found the cemetery names on the various family death certificates that I
> was able to get from the LDS microfilms.
> In the FHC they will have fiche with locality information on them. From
> information you can order microfilm indexes of Chicago death certificates
> the corresponding microfilms with the actual death certificates. It's
> awhile since I did research in the death certificates, but I think they
> about 1920, but it could be later. The fiche also list the various
> films that the FHC holds and which films cover which names.
> For those of you Canadians I hope this helps. When I did all my
> research, I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Almost as far away from
> as some of you!!! Check out your local LDS FHC for the information that
> church has microfilmed and has available for your research.
> Since I'm relatively new to this list (and have never posted before), I'm
> sure of the ettiquette, but I'm going to list some family names that I'm
> researching.
> Philip Kane, born 1918 Chicago/died 1966 Los Angeles
> Michael Kane, born 1875 McHenry Cty, Illinois/died 1947 Chicago
> Anna Veronica McMahon Kane born 1877 Chicago/died 1945 Chicago
> Francis Kane born 1842 McHenry Cty, Ilinois/died 1906 Chicago
> Mary Harmon Kane born 1848 McHenry Cty, Illinois/died 1925 Chicago
> Cornelius McMahon born 1843 Ireland/died 1912 Chicago
> Margaret (no maiden name, yet) McMahon born 1848 Ireland/died 1907 Chicago
> I hope this helps.
> Margaret Kane Ward
> Vero Beach, FL
> MM to Elder Ryan Ward, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, 10/04
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