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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:40:22 -0400
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Hello everyone,
I am perplexed by what I have found in my husband's Irish family. There were
six daughters and two sons in William Lyons' family. Only one daughter
married an Irish man. Others married immigrants from all over Europe. My
father in law thinks that the children were "social climbing".
This family lived in the 7th ward in 1900 (Sacred Heart at 19th and Peoria),
and moved out to St. Finbar's. They are mostly buried at Mt. Carmel.
I appreciate all the help locating these people.
-Jennifer Lyons

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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] sharing information

> Kelly
> It has taken me about four years to uncover some fascinating information
> about the Irish in Chicago. My own family did not especially want to
> talk about the past. I took that as a sign that it was something
> shameful but I found out quite the opposite. The labor movement in
> Chicago at the end of the 19th century was a result of the Irish there
> and resulted in what we know today as the American middle class worker.
> (It may be reaching a little but then again - I'm Irish.) Someday we
> should put all of research together on one site for everyone to enjoy. I
> have been studying the story of Englewood, which is where my family
> started out - in Visitation parish. There is no place like Chicago and
> the Irish there played a big part in her story. I am totally fascinated
> by it. We need to keep researching (and sharing).
> Maureen Devlin
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