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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Website updated with many photos,documents,links,names,census look-ups,etc.
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 03:41:46 EDT

Hello list,
I've updated my website with not only my own family information, but also
some data that I've put together to hopefully help others. Here's what
you'll find.

1. Of course my family info with copies of documents such as those that I
found at the National Archives in DC in my great great grandfather Louis
KIRCHER's (born in Weinsberg, Wurttemberg) Civil War Pension files. Included in those
papers are sworn statements made by friends to aid in the pension eligibility

2. I own a few census index cds and have full access to and am willing to do look ups. Just click on the census image on my
home page and it will take you to a page where there are directions to follow.
Please follow them or I will not be able to answer your request.

3. Some inscriptions that I found on tombstones that were near those of my
own family members in Fernwood Cemetery just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

4. The Last Wills of 4 WEINBERG/VINEYARD/VINYARD ancestors. They came from
Lavern, Westphalia, Prussia to Cumberland County, New Jersey.

5. Four partial Ships' Lists all Liverpool, England to Philadelphia, PA. 1907
- 1910. Not all passengers were from England, so look them over for your
ancestral names.

6. I transcribed 3 pages from the Philadelphia, PA. Orphan's Court Marriage
Records Index 1885 - 1916. Many names there!

7. I put some old unknown photos from all over the world from ebay on my site
in hopes that someone might find a relative there. If interested, you
should be able to just right click on the enlarged photo and then left click on
"Save Picture As".

8. Many fantastic useful free links. There are a few that provide limited
access but still give you enough free information to start out with. I update
the links monthly and mark new ones as NEW with bright red letters that you can
not miss.

9. Photos of headstones at Fernwood Cemetery coming soon.

the URL is...

Some of you might find accessing this URL a little easier, but the graphics
don't line up right...

If you should have trouble accessing the page just please continue to try
again later. It just means that a lot of people are trying to access it and
I guess AOL can't handle the overload. I am sending this out to all of the
lists that I belong to. I swear that I am giving the correct URL.
Please forgive my multiple postings, but I think it's important that I
let as many people know about my site as humanly possible. Please pass it on to
everyone you know who is interested in genealogy who might be on a list that
by some small miracle I don't belong to. There is definitely something there
for everyone from beginner to expert.
If you're reading this from a specific surname mailing list and you can't
find the surname in any of the documents/transcriptions or family trees, send
me an email. Most likely that means that the surname is in my family tree
but just hasn't found a spot on my website yet.
If you're reading this post off of a Geographic mailing list and no one
on my website is from that area, then check the ships' lists for
country/state/city of origin or final destination. If you don't find anything there, then
again, email me. I have ancestors from there who didn't make it on my website

Happy hunting and good luck,

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