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Subject: Re: [Irish in Chicago] cemetaries used by so side irish
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:46:57 EST

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> My family (we lived in St. Columbanus parish) all was buried at Mt. Olivet
> Cemetery. Many Irish bought several lots when the first of the family
> died.
> If the first deaths were from after 1900..

My family lived at 69th. & Prairie. The first time I served communion at St.
Columbanus I was nervous enough, but Mrs. Capone was the first to the altar
rail. She went to Mass every day, rain or shine. I remember when "Scarface"
died, they wanted to have a service for him, but the parishioners threw a
fit. There was no memorial Mass, but it was revealed that Capone financed a
great deal of the construction at St. Columbanus, bricks were sold a $1/each.

We moved out of that parish to St. Margaret's of Scotland at 99th. & Throop,
that was about 1950. My Grandfather & his parents, from County Monaghan are
buried at Calvary, my Grandmother who was born in Chicago to a
Dempsey/McNally union that had ties to County Cavan is buried at Holy

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