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Subject: [Irish in Chicago] McNally's in Chicago
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:59:03 -0600

Been fllowing all the posts re McNally's very carefully. Mine are from
Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan with a sprinkling of Co. Meath. Co. Managhan was
originally part of Armagh and from what I can tell even though Armagh is in the
"North" strong ties exsisted and still exsist. As far as I can tell all of
them came over right before World War I. I know by WWII my uncles had talked
with the last known relative who was a second cousin (never Married) and since
deceased. All of the McNally's end up in the Southside.

Another thought. There has been some discussion about cemeteries used by the
Southside Irish. The prefered cemetary for this Southside family was Holy
Seplechure. First interrment would have been in the mid 1920's. Yes the Daily
News was the prefered newspaper. One reason was that it was a morning paper
and for the evening then the Sun Times came into play. I don't know if this is
a local custom but Southsiders like to start their day with the Irish Sports
Pages which meant the obits. This was a ritual for my parents and for some
reason even though I'm not in or even near Chicago, I do the same thing.
Perhaps this was done so people would know when the next good Irish wake would

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