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From: Bonnie <>
Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Learnings for South Side Irish
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:49:26 -0500

Hello Listers--

I've learned a lot from this group, so I thought I'd return the favor
by sending some hints I've learned (some painfully) while
researching my South Side MURPHY's, HANNAN's, CONNOLLY's,
and JOYCE's.

Like a good Chicagoan, I spent several hours searching the
Chicago Tribune for 1890's-1940's obituaries with very little
success. On a fluke, I switched to looking at the Chicago Daily
News, where I found them easily. I didn't think much of this,
until weeks later, when I had an un-related conversation with
a long time Chicagoan. His father was head of circulation
for the Chicago Tribune in the 1920's-30's, and related
the story of how hard it was for the Trib to gain circulation
points south of the river. AHA! South-siders apparently
didn't read the Tribune!

Lesson: If you're looking for South-side Irish obituaries
before about 1940... save some time, try the Daily News first.
The Chicago Public Library (Harold Washington) and
Newberry Library both have microfilms of the Daily News.

And to reiterate a fact I learned from someone on this
list (thank you!)...yes, South-sider Irish WERE buried in
Calvary cemetery on the far north side of Chicago in
the 1890's and after. There apparently was no South-
side Catholic cemetery during that time. After about 1920,
my South-siders started burying their dead in Mt. Olivet.

Hope this saves someone some precious time.


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