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From: "Mike McDonnell" <>
Subject: [Irish in Chicago] Re: Irish descendants in Chicago
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 15:50:34 +1030


I had great luck in being able to receive some information about some
descendants of my McDonald aunts and uncles who went from County Mayo to
Chicago in the 1900's

I had been able to piece together some information about who they married
and when and where they died.

I do know that some of their children - my cousins - married and had
children and then my details are blank until a very knowlegeable and
helpful person recently got me going again.

One of my cousins John Joseph McDonald (who was a son of my uncle Micheal E.
McDonald married to Mary Regan) was killed in Action on Leyte in 1944 and
had recently married and had a baby son John Dennis McDonald born 12 March
1944. His mother was Elizabeth Doyle and subsequently remarried to a James
B. Larkin

This was all I knew but have now have the obit of John Dennis's maternal
grandmother. John Dennis grandmother was Loretta (Lola) Doyle who died on
26 December 1973 and had 18 grandchildren and two great grandchildren one of
whom was a Kathleen McDonald. This indicates that John Dennis must have
married and had at least one child - Kathleen. By 1973. John Dennis would
have been aged about 30. I was advised that John Dennis was shown as living
in Calumet Park, not sure when, which I think is a southern suburb of

Another brother of John Joseph McDonald named Thomas Francis McDonald died
16 May 1974. He was married to Genevieve Johnson. His service was at St.
Gerald Church. No children were listed.

There were three other brothers in this family Michael McDonald, William
McDonald and Walter McDonald.

I am sure that all five brothers served in the US Armed forces in WW11 with
John Joseph being K.I.A.

I have now also received an Obituary of another of my cousins this time the
son of my uncle Thomas McDonald married to a Barbara Moran. His name was
John Francis McDonald born in November 1912 and died on 29 July 1973. He had
married an Eleanor (Eileen) Burke in Chicago His obit shows that he had a
son John who married to a Dorores ?. They had two children Valerie McDonald
and Maureen McDonald. They may have subsequenly marriedl.
His service was at St. Aidans Church 7000 S. Washtenaw.
My cousin is shown as being a Veteran of WW11 PR 9-3535. (I do not know what
this number means)

This son of my Uncle Thomas also had two brothers James Patrick and Thomas
Joseph but I have not been able to pick up much information about them.

It seems from the above that at least two of my cousins from different
families had familes of their own who might still be living in Chicago.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who might have knowledge of the
families of any of my cousins as I would love to re establish family contact
with them.

Michael McDonald Adelaide Australia

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