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If anyone is researching Englewood or various parishes in the Town of Lake
(39th St-87th St, State to Cicero, but in fact not too much beyond Western) an
excellent source is the South Side Sun. It was a daily paper published from
1869 or so until about 1908 in an office near the Stockyards. Extant copies
from May 1884 to 1908 or so are at the Chicago Historical Society and at the
Illinois State Historical at Springfield.
The Sun was published in the evening. There are only about four or five
death notices per issue. It's value is in the wonderful richness of everyday
events such as parties, notices about injuries or illiness and/or recovery
from illness. There is also crime and mayhem and a good amount of tragedy.
Lots of church and school reporting. And a lot of local politics as the Town
of Lake didn't join Chicago until 1889. Just what you'd expect from a daily
newspaper. Alas no index yet.

John E. Corrigan

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