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From: Bonnie <>
Subject: Libraries
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 12:56:50 -0400

The Newberry Library is your best bet. Their card catalog is
online (, so you can do much of your homework
before you get there and save time that way.

I've not been to the Harold Washington Library (Chicago's
main city library), but I've heard that they send genealogical
materials over to the Newberry, as it's the best repository around.

The Chicago Historical Society has a library, but is best if
looking for materials on businesses or events like the Fire.

In my humble opinion,, I wouldn't try to go to a branch library in
Englewood. I don't think it will have much (if anything)in
genealogical materials, and wouldn't be worth the risk of
"exploring" that area if you're not familiar.

The Newberry also has an info sheet on materials that
are available at the University of Illinois at Chicago library,
which MIGHT be a second choice.

Newberry could also advise you if a trip to Harold Washington
is worth your efforts.

Good luck, and enjoy Chicago.


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