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From: KayB <>
Subject: Re: Chicago Gallaghers
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 17:01:29 -0500
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Dear Kay,

I just saw your list message to Mike. My wife's
Gallaghers spent a bunch
of time in Chicago. The earliest of the line I can
track is James
Gallagher & his wife, Mary Dee, and their family. They
both born in
Ireland, James about 1840 and Mary about 1845 using the
a combo of the 1880
and 1900 Chicago (US) census figures as a source. They
had their first
child, Joseph about 1872 in Michigan; 2nd, John about
1873 in Canada; 3rd
and all others in Illinois, William (1874), Margaret
(1876), James Emmet
(1880, my wife's line), Nelly (1881) and Edward (1887).
There are no
family records to clarify where in Ireland either James
Gallagher or Mar
Dee were born, although county Mayo is one of the
folklore origins.

Any possibility that this line connects to one of yours?

Pryse Duerfeldt
Marquette, Michigan

Dear Pryse,
Sorry, none of my Gallagher's came over that early.

Kathleen Brennan Mammoser
Researching Brennan, Kennedy and Gallagher in Co. Mayo
and Brennan in Co. Sligo

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