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From: "Carole Demers" <>
Subject: Re: church records/mortuary records
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 17:55:11 -0700
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Thanks to all the listers who answered my query on churches in Ward 8 & gave me tips on where/how to search.

One more question comes to mind.....has anyone had good luck contacting the funeral homes for deaths in the late 1880s? I have death certificates but they only tell the names of the undertakers & some have the undertaker's address (no names of the mortuaries). Any ideas on how to go about obtaining that info & are mortuary staffs amenable to doing lookups if you have the actual death date & are willing to pay a fee? For 5+ years, I have been searching for information on parents/siblings of my ggrandmother, Grace Hennessy (nee Cronin), who died in Chicago, Dec 29. 1884, (age 54) of typhoid pneumonia. The undertaker was "Sheehan" , residence 422 W. 12th Street. Her obituary only told that she was from Ballylanders, Limerick. I find small-town obituaries to be much more informative.

Glad to see action on the Irish-in-Chicago mail list again. Very informative.


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