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From: PJH <>
Subject: Catholic Church Records
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 23:03:44 -0500

Great site. Thanks to Maureen that showed us the way. Like to make a few
comments. The listing uses "S. King Drive". This is a shortened version of
Martin Luther King Drive. Originally the street was South Park Avenue
usually noted as S. Park Dr. Also Some of the names have portions dropped
such as St. John the Baptist is really St. John the Baptist de La Salle who
is the patron Saint of teachers. Also ethnicity is not set in stone. For
instance, St Francis De Paula may have started as an Italian church but by
the mid '30's the area south of the church was developed into middle class
apartments. The people moving in were mostly Irish and there were far more
Irish than Italians. When I attended school there in the late '40's almost
all of my classmates were of Irish descent. This maybe more then anyone
really wanted to know or even read.


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