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Subject: Re: where have all the Irish gone?
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 13:32:12 -0500
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Dear Maureen,
I was born and raised in Visitation Parish. I grew
up one block from our father on 56th and Emerald. The
church is on Garfield Blvd. (55th Street) and Peoria
St. and is still there and being used. We think of St.
Basil merging with Vis and not vice versa. The
neighborhood is called Englewood, but if you ask someone
from the south side where they are from they will give
you a parish name, not a neighborhood name or
Yes, the parish was 98% Irish or at least we thought
so. I don't know the time frame that your father was
there, but I was there from 1948 until 1967.
Anyone from Vis thinks they were in the best parish
in the world, because we were always told that. The
parish still has reunions.
At it's height Visitation had a kindergarten, which
had a building of its own and about 120 children
attended each day. The grade school had approximately
2,000 children in it and the high school had about 1,000
girls. There was a convent that housed 60 nuns and a
rectory that housed 6 priests. We had a wonderful
auditorium and a gym. As you can see I'm still proud of
Vis. It was a wonderful place to live. I'll send you
in a separate e-mail a drawing of the church.
If you have any questions about Vis or the
neighborhood I'd be happy to help you and anyone else.

Kathleen Brennan Mammoser
Researching Brennan, Kennedy and Gallagher in Co. Mayo
and Brennan in Co. Sligo

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