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From: Nancy Mazzeo Reeb <>
Subject: A-F Midfield Cemetery a.k.a. Brackloon Cemetery, Midfield, Swinford,Co. Mayo
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 00:46:19 -0400

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H-Hand Copied

H-BRIDGET BRENNAN nee DEMPSEY Tullinahoo Died July 5th 1960 Son PATRICK
Died Dec. 12th 1961 His Wife MARY nee LAVIN Died Aug. 1st 1985

ELLEN "NELLIE" BRENNAN nee Boland Of Kinaffe 1867-1951 Wife Of THOMAS
and Daughter Of THOMAS & MARY KELLY BOLAND Kinaffe

P-Treasured Memories Of A Loving Husband & Father JAMES BRENNAN Beech
Park, Swinford Late Of Kinaffe Died 7th Oct. 1998 Rest In Peace

H-JOHN BRENNAN Castleroyan Died May 5th 1956 His Wife CATHERINE Died
March 29th 1984 Erected By Sons Dominick & Frank

P-In Loving Memory Of MARGARET BRENNAN Kinaffe Died April 17th 1957 Aged
66 Years Husband ANTHONY Died May 5th 1966 Son DAN Died May 18th 1995
R.I.P. Erected By Her Husband & Family

P-Mary Queen Of Heave Pray For The Soul Of MARY BRENNAN Kinaffe Died
April 16th 1957 May She Rest In Peace Her Husband DAN Died March 4th
1991 Erected By Her Husband Dan And Family

P-In Loving Memory Of PATRICK BRENNAN Tavnaglass Died Aug. 18th 1965 His
Wife BRIDGET Died June 28th 1965 R.I.P. Erected By Their Family

P-In Loving Memory Of PATRICK BRENNAN Kinaffe, Kiltimagh Died 7 Feb.
1978 Aged 85 His Wife MARGARET Died 21 Jan. 1974 Aged 80 His Sister NORA
Died Oct. 1966 Aged 71 R.I.P.

P-PATRICK J. BRENNAN Carnaculla Late Of Elphin Co. Roscommon Died 6th
Nov. 1995 Aged 52 Years Till We Meet Again

P-In Loving Memory Of PATRICK BURKE Clooneen died 3rd May 1952 his wife
MARY died 20th Jan. 1956 Their daughters MARY KATE Died 9th March 1988
BRIDGIE died 20th April 1910 SARAH died 10th July 1940 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of TIM BURNS Died Nov. 4th 1993 His Wife MARY Died
Dec. 5th 1998

P-In Loving Memory Of -BRIDGET BYRNE Woods Died Jan. 14th 1961 Her
Husband JAMES Died May 27th 1975 Also Their Grandchildren JAMES, PATRICK



P-In Loving Memory Of MARY BYRNE Kinaffe Died 25 April 1951 TOM DOYLE
Died 21 March 1979 His Wife MARY ELLEN Died 8 Sept. 1988 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of MATTHEW BYRNE Faheens Died April 5th 1952 His Wife
BRIDGET Died Aug. 2nd 1954 Their Grandson JOHN Died March 5th 1960 Aged
31 Years Their Son MATTHEW Died July 13th 1987 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of MICHAEL BYRNE Faheens, Midfield Died 21st Jan.
1971 Aged 77 His Wife ANNIE Died 29th June 1986 Aged 83 Their Son PADDY
Died Feb. 1st 1998 Aged 58 Rest In Peace. Erected By Their Grandchildren

H-MICHAEL BYRNE Cultibo Died Aug. 15th 1966 His Son JOHN Died Dec. 28th
1986 His Wife MARY Died March 18th 1995

H-THOMAS CAFFERTY Woods Died March 23rd 1972 Aged 88 Years



H-ANNE CAMPBELL Tullinahoo Died Sept. 24th 1982 Her Husband PATRICK Died
Nov. 28th1986

H-JAMES CAMPBELL Faheens Died March 15th 1957 PHELIM Died Sept. 11th
1957 SARAH Died March 14th 1974 Infant JAMES KILGALLON Died Jan. 20th 1947

P-In Loving Memory Of JAMES CAMPBELL Kinaffe Died Aug. 4th 1957 His Wife
ANNIE Died Dec. 20th 1947 R.I.P. Erected By Their Son Tom

H-JULIA CAMPBELL Currane & N.Y. Died Dec. 5th 1991 Her Husband THOMAS
Died Jan. 15th 2000 Erected By Husband Tom

P-In Loving Memory Of NORA CAMPBELL Dublin Rd., Swinford Died 22nd April
1994 R.I.P.

H-PATRICK CAMPBELL Brackloon Died May 25th 1974 His Wife MARY Died April
26th 1989

H-PATRICK CAMPBELL Curryane His Wife MARY nee MULDOWNEY Also Their Son
TONY Erected By Their Son Thomas And His Wife Julia

H-PETER CAMPBELL Faheens Died April 30th 1982 His Parents JOHN And MARY

P-Pray For The Soul Of JOHN E. CASSIDY Brackloon Who Died 28 June 1960
His Wife MARY KATE Died July 22nd 1977 Also Their Son FR. PEADAR Died
24th Dec. 1980 R.I.P.

H-In Loving Memory Of PATRICK CASSIDY Brackloon May 4th 1926 ~~ Sept.
23rd 1998


P-In Loving Memory Of MAUREEN CONNELL Kinaffe Died Sept. 7th 1970 And
Her Parents MAY Died Dec. 6th 1990 JAMES Died May 25th 1991 R.I.P.

MAUREEN CONNELL nee SCALLY Kinaffe Died Sept. 2001 Wife Of MICHAEL
Daughter Of JOSIE

P-In Loving Memory Of MICHAEL CONNELL Kinaffe Died Nov. 19th 1945 His
Wife KATE Died July 12th 1961 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of PATRICK CONNELL Cashelsheenaughnane Died April 20
1962 His Wife BRIDGET Died Jan. 11th 1981


H-JOHN CONVEY Faheens Died Jan. 16th 1933 Aged 64 Years His Wife
MARGARET Died Sept. 20th 1962 Aged 88 Years

H-AGNES CORNELL Kinaffe Died June 19th 1971 Her Sister MRS. TESSIE BIGGS
Died Feb. 22nd 1973 Their Brother WILLIAM Died Dec. 28th 1977

P-In Loving Memory Of BRIDGET CREABY Knockbrack Died Nov. 12th 1960 Her
Son JIMMY Died Feb. 28th 1983 And DELIA CREABY Died June 7th 1990 R.I.P.

BRIDGET CREABY Knockbrack Died Dec. 13th 1948 Husband MICHAEL Died March
16th 1925 Interred In Kinaffe Cemetery R.I.P. Erected By The Family

P-In Loving Memory Of ELLEN CREABY Knockbrack Died Dec. 13th 1948 Her
Husband MICHAEL Died March 16th 1925 Interred in Kinaffe Cemetery

P-In Loving Memory Of ANNE CUNNINGHAM Ballendrehid Died 17 Feb. 1949
Aged 82 Years R.I.P. Erected By Her Daughters

ANNIE CUNNINGHAM Ballendrehid Died Jan. 31st 1963 Husband MICHAEL Died
April 19th 1984

P-In Loving Memory Of MARTIN CUNNINGHAM Kinaffe Died June 22nd 1950 Aged
81 Years His Wife BRIDGET Died Feb. 8th 1969 Aged 90 Years Their Son JIM
Died April 25th 2000 Aged 79 Years

H-JAMES CURRY Kinaffe Died April 12th 1950 Holy Year Aged 69 Years

H-ANNE DEVINE Midfield Died Nov. 4th 1935 Her Husband THOMAS Died Nov.
6th 1942 Son THOMAS Who was killed in action with U.S. Army in France
Oct. 14th 1918

H-ANNE DEVINE Cashelsheenaughnane Died Sept. 19th 1960 Son BERNARD Died
July 19th 1975 Son HUGH Died Aug. 17th 1993

H-BERNARD DEVINE Tullinahoo Died April 23rd 1987 Aged 72 Years

H-BERNARD DEVINE Tullinahoo & Newcastle-upon-Tyne Died Feb. 7th 1999 R.I.P.

H-BRIDGET DEVINE Tullinahoo Died March 7th 1951 Her Daughter ANNE Died
April 13th 1990 Aged 83 Years

H-CATHERINE DEVINE Tullinahoo Died June 15th 1937 Aged 25 Years BRIAN
PATRICK & ELLEN PATRICIA 1953 BRIDGET DEVINE Died Dec. 27th 1980 Erected
By Their Parents

H-MARGARET DEVINE Tullinahoo Died June 6th 1980 Her Husband BRIAN Died
Dec. 1st 1981


H-MICHAEL DEVINE Tullinahoo Died April 13th 1950 His Wife CATHERINE Died
Oct. 3rd 1960 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of MICHAEL DEVINE Tullinahoo Died 11th October 1993
Aged 52 Years His Brother JOHN Died 29th April 1997 Aged 55 Years R.I.P.

H-MICHAEL DEVINE Midfield Died April 6th 1989 His Wife ELLIE Died March
31st 1966 Also JAMES And His Wife MARY

H-NEIL DEVINE Midfield Died Sept. 15th 1939 His Wife MARGARET Died March
29th 1949 Their Son BERNIE Died May 16th 1975 And Daughter MAY Died Oct.
4th 1983

H-PATRICK DEVINE Died March 7th 1975 His Wife MARGARET Died June 6th
1982 & Their Daughter BRIDIE

H-SARAH DEVINE Cashelsheenaughnane Died May 25th 1964 Her Husband
MICHAEL Died Aug. 24th 1984

H-PAT DOHERTY Kinaffe Died Sept. 23rd 1962 His Wife KATE Died June 18th
1981 Daughter ELSIE McCANN Died April 20th 1958


H-ANNIE DOYLE Kinaffe Died March 3rd 1970 Also ELLEN Died Dec. 29th 1968
Also MARK Husband Of ANNIE Died Sept. 3rd 1977

P-In Loving Memory Of BRIDGET DOYLE Knockbrack Died 7th March 1964 Aged
84 Yrs. And Her Husband MICHAEL Died 12th Feb. 1965 Aged 88 Yrs. R.I.P.

H-PATRICK DUFFY Tullinahoo Died Sept. 1st 1983 His Wife ELLEN Died Dec.
5th 1995 Erected By Their Daughters


H-ANN DURKAN Died Oct. 6th 1955 Son TOMMY Died Sept. 27th 1973 Her
Husband MICHAEL Died April 18th 1981

H-ELLEN DURKAN Knockbrack & London Died March 20th 1982 Her Husband JOHN
Died Sept. 1st 1984 Her Brother THOMAS Died Oct. 24th 1989

P-In Loving Memory Of JAMES DURKAN Carnaculla Died April 16th 1953 His
Wife BRIDGET Died March 23rd 1963 Their Son JOHNNY Died Sept. 21st 1997
Aged 84

H-JAMES DURKAN Castlebarnagh Died Oct. 31st 1969 His Parents PATRICK And
MARY And His Brother PATRICK Also His Wife DELIA Died May 22nd 1997

H-MICHAEL DURKAN Carnaculla Died May 25th 1974 Also His Uncle TOM Died 1941

H-THOMAS DURKAN Kinaffe Died March 13th 1978 His Wife BRIDGET Died Jan.
1st 1978 Her Brother JOHN LOFTUS Died March 9th 1969 Their Son MICHAEL
JAMES Died Nov. 20th 1997 R.I.P.

H-JAMES DURKIN Carnaculla Died April 16th 1953 His Wife BRIDGET Died
March 23rd 1963 Their Son JOHNNY Died Sept. 21st 1997 Aged 84 Years

H-JOHN DURKIN Castlebarnagh Died April 3rd 1954 Aged 65 Years His Wife
MARY Died May 8th 1965 Aged 75 Years

H-PAT DURKIN Carnaculla Died April 19th 1953 His Wife BRIDGET Died June
26th 1944 Daughter NORA Died March 4th 1932 Aged 19 Years

H-BRIDGET EGAN Faheens Died Sept. 3rd 1967 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of ANTHONY FAHEY Brackloon Died March 1st 1975 His
Wife MARY Died May 14th 1979 R.I.P.


P-In Loving Memory Of MARY FAHEY Brackloon Died May 13th 1950 Aged 74
Years Her Husband JOHN Died July 17th 1959 Their Son JOHN Died Feb. 13th

H-KATE FLATELY Tullinahoo Died Jan. 26th 1934 Her Son PATRICK Died Feb.
1st 1978

H-THOMAS FLATLEY Tullinahoo Died Nov. 28th 1988 His Mother ELLEN Died
Jan. 31st 1997 Erected By Son Pat & Daughter-in-law Nora

H-MARY FOLEY Castlebarnaugh Died Jan. 1970 His Mother CATHERINE
KILGALLON Died March 1941 Erected By Her Husband James

P-In Loving Memory Of THOMAS FOLEY Knockbrack, Kinaffe Died March 14th
1945 Also His Granddaughter THERESA Died Feb. 5th 1956 R.I.P.

JOSEPH FORKAN Of Midfeild Died Feb. 2002

H-MARY FORKAN Tavnaglass Died May 18th 1977 Her Husband PAT Died Feb.
10th 1993

H-PATRICK FORKAN Midfield Died July 8th 1969 Aged 74 Years His Wife MARY
Died Oct. 14th 1972 R.I.P.

P-In Loving Memory Of THOMAS FORKAN Knockbrack, Kinaffe Died Nov. 29th
1947 His Wife ANNE Died Sept. 22nd 1920 Their Son JAMES Died April 6th
1934 Also THOMAS FORKAN Died Oct. 7th 1979 R.I.P.

H-THOMAS FORKAN Midfield Died Oct. 25th 1961 Aged 61 Years

H-THOMAS FORKIN Knockbrack, Kinaffe Died Nov. 29th 1947 His Wife ANNE
Died Sept. 27th 1920 Son JAMES Died April 6th 1934 Son THOMAS Died Oct.
7th 1979


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