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From: "Carole Demers" <>
Subject: Calvary Cemetery Listing--Donohue, Grimes, Murphy, Dolan, Hennessy, Cronin, O'Connor, Dolan, Gannon, Grimes, Powers, Brennan, etc.
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 13:14:34 -0700

While searching for my ggrandparents, Timothy and Grace (Cronin) Hennessy's burial site in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston IL, I received this listing for Lot 33, Block 8, Section K, belonging to William J. Donohue, purchased 8/22/1882 -- I have not yet found if or how these other people are connected to my family. The Hennessys were from Lisvernane, Glen of Aherlow, and Grace Cronin's obituary said she was from Ballylanders, Limerick. Maybe some of these names & dates will be of help to someone & we can make a connection.

Name Date of Interment
Jerome Grimes 7/30/1914
Irene Murphy 1/20/1924
Edward Gannon 8/14/1925
Anna Donohue 7/15/1926
George Donohue 2/25/1937
Mary Donahue 5/23/1939
William J. Donohue 5/2/1952
Nellie Dolan 5/2/1894
Mary Donohue (age 5) 8/14/1892
William Donohue 12/17/1901
Anne E. O'Connor 2/27/1903
Richard Van Lent 9/16/89 (1889?)
Timothy Hennessy (age 76) 6/19/1888 (my ggrandfather)

Grave 55 Block 18 Section V
Grace (Cronin) Hennessy (age 54) 12/30/1884 (my ggrandmother)
Bridget Hennessy (age 1-0-2) 5/27/1872

In searching for my grandmother's grave (Mary Elizabeth Hennessy Brennan), I received this listing of plot N24, Block 35, Section U, purchased Catherine Hennessy Sept 3, 1889 (Catherine was the unmarried sister of Timothy Hennessy)

Nicholas Powers (age 47) 6/9/1914
Mary (Fox) Dunne (age 77) 4/29/1937 (niece of Catherine Hennessy--first married to Thomas Powers
then to Peter Dunne, daughter of Mary Hennessy & Robert Fox)
Mary (Hennessy) Brennan (age 66) 12/10/1937 (My grandmother--daughter of Timothy & Grace Hennessy)
Joseph M. Nykiel (age 74) 11/13/1952
Michael Hennessey (age 16) 11/24/1891 (brother of Mary Hennessy Brennan--above)
Nicholas J. Powers (9 mo) 3/2/1894 (likely the son of Mary Hennessy & Thomas Powers)
Thomas Powers (age 32) 10/15/1896 (First husband of Mary Fox Dunne)
Catherine Powers (age 1) 3/13/1897
Catherine Hennessy (age 76) 11/17/1900 (sister to Timothy Hennessy, Mary Powers Dunne, Hannah
Margaret Costello (6 mos) 9/4/1904
Hannah Puma (age 48) 9/3/1889 (Hanorah married to John Puma 1 Oct 1879)

Found my Timothy Hennessy's obituary in the Irish of Chicago data base & have several other obituaries & death/marriage certificates to share. Any information on any of the names above would be of interest to me.


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