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Subject: Re: Shanahan/Corby/Ahern/Fisher/Gustafson
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 11:51:46 -0700

What found at the Mt. Ca;very is not unusual from my own
findings. Fortunately I have an aunt who could explain why two of the graves
in the family plot appeared to be non-family. I did ask at te office who all
was buried in the family plot. In my case a ten year old son of my
grandmother's nephew was buried in the family plot because his parents did
not have the money to buy a plot. Even though the last name is different I
did recognize it so the search was easy. The other person intered was a
family friend who died during the nineteen thirties and had no means or estate
to pay for a funeral and plot. My grandmother had purchased six plots when my
grandfather died in 1934. She bought six because she had herself and three
children to think about and the extra because plots only came in twos, fours,
sixes, etc. So the plot at Holy Seplechure in far Southwest Chicago has a
maker showing my grandfather and one son but two others are buried there and
two are vacant. My grandmother remarried and is buried with her second
husband in California. So it does pay to check who is buried in a family plot
and try to find the relationships. Some might always be a mystery but that's
part of the fun of the trip known as genealogy.

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