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Subject: New Irish Newsletter
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 06:41:01 EDT

Good morning..... With the kind permission of your listowner, I am posting
the following.

New Free Online Newsletter - AN IRISH NEWSLETTER

I am the listowner of the IRL-CAVAN mail list on Rootsweb. I am also the
county coordinator for for Counties Cavan and Longford.
The urls for those counties are in my signature line. I am designing a new
FREE online Irish research newsletter dedicated to Irish research anywhere in
the world.

As our Irish ancestors traveled world-wide in their quest to find new homes,
this newsletter will be addressing those issues that most of us face when
trying to locate where and how and why they left Ireland. The types of work
that they did. Where to locate their records, and how to use those
resources, etc. There are many things we don't know about them, but with the
help of published and new authors who will be submitting articles to the
newsletter, we can learn the things we need to know to ferret out that
illusive great grandfather, etc. Our early family members traveled to
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, and South America, to name
just a few of the areas they immigrated to.

If you would like to subscribe to this new newsletter (first issue will
probably be posted about July 1), I have posted subscription information on
my two Irish webpages. They are located at:

County Cavan, Ireland -

County Longford, Ireland -

Scroll down the page until you reach the information about the Newsletter.
Just click on the SUBSCRIBE link and an email will pop up addressed to me.
Send the email and you will then be subbed to the new newsletter. My goal is
that it is published in text format, with a possible website to follow in the
future, where you will be able to find past newsletters, along with other
interesting tidbits of information, and other articles and links.

If you have difficulty subscribing from the webpages, you can send me a
private email with the word "SUBSCRIBE" without the quotes in the subject
line. Send to:

ADDITIONALLY - I am seeking new authors and already published authors who
would be interested in contributing articles with their expertise, knowledge
and finesse of Irish research and other Irish culture information or language
to this newsletter. It will be a great place to forward your writing if you
are a new author (along with getting your name recognized as an author and
possible future genealogy speaker - one never knows where one can go or where
one will end up when doing this genealogy thing we are addicted to - along
with some roving reporters to report about Irish websites and write reviews
of those sites.

IRISH POETRY and IRISH HUMOR and TIPS & TRICKS - I'm also looking for someone
to locate and transcribe some of the wonderful Irish Poetry that abounds from
our present and latter day ancestors hailing from Ireland. Poetry must be
transcribed exactly as it appeared in the publication, and include the name
of the author and the date and place of its publication. We don't want to
infringe on any copyrights, but we do want to share what great poets we have
with Irish heritage. And a wee bit of IRISH HUMOR never hurt anyone. So,
I'm also looking for someone to assist me in that area.... good, clean Irish
humor, mind ye!

If interested in writing for this new newsletter, please respond to me
privately. If interested in subscribing to the newsletter, please go to the
websites listed above to subscribe. I hope you decide to join me in what I'd
like to see become one of the premiere free online newsletters dedicated
entirely to Irish research.

Thanks for your patience in reading this email, and I look forward to meeting
each of you online.

I had, on previous posts to other lists, indicated that the name of the new
Irish newsletter would be THE IRISH CHRONICLES. It has come to my attention
that another newsletter has been existence with this name. Hence, the name
of this newsletter will change. I have yet to determine the new name. If
you would like to submit suggestions for the newsletter title, please send to
me directly.

Denise A. Wells

Denise Wells
IRL-CAVAN RW mail listowner
Editor, An Irish Newsletter - subscribe by sending email to

Cos. Cavan & Longford IrelandGenWeb Project coordinator

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