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From: "... valentine53179" <>
Subject: PLEASE list admins...a PREPEND
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 21:43:15 -0500

I am begging a PREPEND on the subject line......
The Prepend, to me, is a part of the subject line.
It allows me to screen the information that comes into my email account.
I use the prepend to tell if the surname that is being stated in the subject is a likely candidate to match MY family.
I use the prepend to decide if I should even consider opening the email.... because otherwise, the FROM person is an unknown person to me and I just might delete the message before even opening it!
In short, Either the message is from a ROOTSWEB list, or someone I know. If not one of these two, it gets deleted.
I ALWAYS look at my list of inmails and BLOCK the ever-growing list of filth and junk mail that hits my list....
I use the prepend to switch gears as I look at all the messages that manage to get through my own screening process.
I cannot use filters with the three different systems that I use - because I use three computers in three different server areas and each of the three operate differently and not a single one works exactly the same in all of their options!

NOW, some of the readers will ask - What is a prepend....
A Prepend is the little abbreviation of the list's official name, that appears on the subject line inside [ ].
If you are in digest mode, you see this but it is there automatically because of the technical process used to create the DIGEST. If you get Digest, then you get the prepend. THe list admin has nothing to do with this....
BUT the prepend on the individual mailings comes about because the LIST ADMIN makes it happen in his/her LIST TOOLS.
There are some that do not like the prepend, because it takes up too much room. If this is the case, then the listadmin should make the prepend shorter.... Germans-to- Philidelphia is a long list name... it's prepend is G2P.... It is 3 digits plus the [ ]. Doesn't take up THAT much room!
Some people do not see the value and to those people, I say, you are very lucky, but not all of us agree.
Some people will say to use filters. Not all of us CAN use filters!
Some people say they don't care either way, and in that regard I would ask that you support those that DO want the prepend...
Rather than get into the way to maintaine this prepend (which takes but minutes to accomplish) on this READING list, the list admins can get to me directly at about the how tos.

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