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is it still true that griffiths is on microfilm and that is something that you do not have to wait long for?
and that you can actually SEE a real, in your face griffiths map.... complete with white gloves and pomp and circumstance in the archive room.....

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Info on the Newberry Library. I was there (again) on Friday.
They are at: 60 W. Walton Street.

DIrections for a non-Chicagoan: get to Water Tower
Place (mall on Michigan Avenue). Walk North on Michigan Avenue
to Walton St. (3-4 short blocks). Turn left, go about 3- 4 blocks west.
School is across the street, and the Scottish Rite church is kitty corner.
A city park is directly across the street. It is a fine, safe neighborhood
walking. From Water Tower it will take about 10 minutes to walk it; it
much farther than it is. Parking is nasty around there. I believe their
site ( probably has nearby parking lots listed. I've
always taken the bus and walked! Leave the car at the hotel. Even if
you cab-it, it will be cheaper than parking.

The hours areTues thru Thurs 10-6 Fri & Sat 9-5.
They are NOTopen Sunday or MONDAY.
On your first visit, you will have to get a readers card...fill out form
and pay $5 for a year.

They are very fussy about briefcases and coats.
There are coin-op lockers available. I do take my laptop in
without problem (though I also take my leash/lock..I've never
had a problem, but this IS the big city).

Photocopying is a pain, and expensive. You cannot make
the copies's fill out a request, and they do it. You must
2 hours, and then pick them up in the gift shop downstairs. They're
expensive, too...something like $1.00 setup and $.25 per page.

I recommend looking at their on-line catalog before you go, so
you don't spend valuable research time in the catalog. I understand
much of their collection is not in the on-line catalog, but I've found
so much IS in the catalog that I haven't run out of material yet! Very
little is on the shelves; you'll fill out request forms and college
will bring the materials to your assigned seat.

You will find everything within a mile or two of the Newberry. The
Ritz Carlton is one of the top hotels in the world ($$$$), the Drake is
wonderful ( very expensive too), there's a Marriott Courtyard, several
Holiday Inns, a huge Sheraton etc. is the official city

web'll be close as long as you stay in the section they call
"North Michigan Avenue". Maybe some of the other out-of-towners on
this list will be better at recommending hotels...I just sleep in my own
Lots of weekend packages this time of year!

Have a great time in the library and in Chicago! We love having
tourists come to town and spend their nasty green money with us!

Good luck!


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