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Subject: Lynch
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 07:46:48 EST

I’d appreciate hearing from you if any of this sounds familiar.

Abbreviations used below are: b: = birth; d: = death; unk = unknown; abt. =
about; est. = estimated; CHGO = Chicago; CH = Chicago Heights,IL.

Bernard Lynch and Mary Murphy were my great grandparents. Both were either
born in Canada or Ireland.

Bernard was b: abt. 1820, and d: est. 1899 in CHGO.

Mary Murphy was b: 1824 and d: 1911 in CH.

They had my grand mother, Mary Gertrude Lynch, in Des Moines on 23 Oct 1870.
She died in CH on 16 Nov 1935.

They also had a son, John B. Lynch, in Des Moines on 22 Jun 1872. He never
married and died in CH on 23 Jan 1935.

Mary Gertrude married my grand father, Francis Martin, in CHGO in 1895. They
had one son, my father, Francis Martin, on 19 Feb 1897 in CHGO.

I suspect Bernard and Mary (Murphy) had some Canadian connection, including
more children, before the birth of Mary Gertrude, but I have no proof of

Thanks for your help.

Frank Martin

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