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$.34 was the cheapest anyone in my family has every invested in the purchase of an old family Bible with info dating to 1853 - for OUR lost family!
It was the best $.34 I ever did spend......
I learned then that if I did not know for a FACT that a building I was writing to was there or not, that I WOULD WRITE. The first class letter will eventually get back to me with something indicated on the envelope by the carrier.... And you can always call and talk to the carrier on that route..... and get more info about the building - or not...
So, I would suggest sending a $.34 letter and include a little photocopy of a picture of your smilin' face so that the letter becomes more personable......
You just never know what might come of the effort that you make ..... and $.34 is a very minimal investment for such a wonderful chance....... I searched for 15years and got absolutely no where following all the deliberate misstatements made by my family... but the Bible.... brought me up to date in an hour......and it has all been proven up since then.... a great $.34 investment.... just great....
luck to us all.....

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Dear Jack,
The correct spelling of the street is Cregier. It
is over east. The street is just east of Stony Island
Ave. and only runs from 71st to 91st. You might try
the local parish to see if they have any record of the
Dorsey's. I doubt you'll get information writing to the
address, the house may not even be standing.

Kathleen Brennan Mammoser
Researching Brennan, Kennedy and Gallagher in Co. Mayo
and Brennan in Co. Sligo

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