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From: "Michael Dellger" <>
Subject: My Gallaghers Mayo>Hoosick Falls>Waukesha,WI>Chicago &Elsewhere
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 16:55:42 -0600

Dear Seekers of the Irish,

I have once again decided to pursue my elusive Gallaghers!

My wife and I have been to Ireland twice (1994 &1997) in search of them. They originated (at least as far back as I can get) in a place called Raheen Barr, which is in Glenisland, just outside of Castlebar. In fact, we have visited with James and Mary Conway, residents of the place, both times we've been to Ireland. I paid $100. in 1994 to have the Mayo South Heritage Centre do some research. They are the ones who discovered that my Gallaghers came from Raheen Barr, Islandeady parish (baptismal records).

This is what I have on the family: I believe the father was named Patrick GALLAGHER and that he married Mary Ellen MC LAUGHLIN. The known children are John W. GALLAGHER, who lived at Hoosick Falls, New York; Patrick GALLAGHER, who came to Hoosick Falls with his brother Martin (my great-great grandfather) in 1847 and are both found in the 1850 census, Martin residing with John W. GALLAGHER. Later on, brothers Daniel, wife Ann (Nancy) GILLESPIE, and Hugh came to Hoosick Falls. Daniel and Nancy had their third child, Hugh L. GALLAGHER, there (their first two children, Patrick H. and Katherine were born in Raheen Barr). Hugh married Ann BERRY, but I am not sure when this occurred, before or after he arrived in America.

By 1855 Patrick, Martin, Daniel, and Hugh are in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Patrick has married Alice FITZSIMMONS in New York. Martin has married Mary Ann WALSH. I believe Martin too was married in New York, but I have no concrete proof other than they have a son Hugh born in 1853 and another son James, who dies in 1855 in Waukesha. Daniel and his family and Hugh and his family remain the rest of their lives in Waukesha, while Patrick and Martin and their families move to Eldorado Township, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, where they remain the rest of their days.

Some of the children of Daniel and Hugh eventually moved to Chicago. In Hugh's family there is a daughter, Elizabeth, who married James J. MC NALLY and died in Chicago in 1942. Another daughter, Rose Anne, married a FITZGERALD and also lived there. After Hugh died in 1907, his wife Ann also moved there. Perhaps she moved in with a family member.

Those in Daniel's family who lived in Chicago were daughter Margaret (husband Charles F. Gibbons) and Daniel GALLAGHER, Jr. I have not searched in Chicago mainly because I haven't the foggiest notion of how one even begins to search there.

When I was in Ireland I checked Griffiths Evaluation; unfortunately, the land, owned by Lord Lucan, was cleared and used for sheep grazing. Only one person is listed at Raheen Barr, and he was not a Gallagher.

This is about all I have on the family. If any of this sounds as if there may be a connection, please let me know.

Thanks very much.

Michael Dellger
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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