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Subject: Re: Gallaghers
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Dear Pat,
I went to school with a Mary Lawler. I graduated from Visitation High
School in 1966. What year did you graduate from Mercy? I don't know any
of the names you mentioned. Your grandfather must have lived on the same
block as Visitation Grade School. I lived at 56th and Emerald and remember
the Byrne building well. It was torn down and it's so odd to see such a
gaping hole in the landscape of the neighborhood.
Frank Lawler was my cousin's friend's name. My cousin would be in his
70's now so his Frank would be also.
It is a very small world. The next time I see Kathy Gallagher Alholm
I'll ask if she is related to you.

Kay Brennan Mammoser
Researching Brennan, Kennedy and Gallagher in Mayo and Brennan in Sligo


> Hi, Kay,My Uncle Joe Lawler grew up in Vis and my dad wanted me to go to
> high school there but I went to Mercy instead (it is now condominiums)
> because my sister went there and also my best friend. My grandfather
> lived at something like 819 W 54th Place. Did you know the Dermodys,
> McMahons, Panatieries, Goodmans? Where did you live? I used to date a
> fella from the Byrne building. Worked with a boy who lived there
> too...Sean/John Gallagher who had a sister Maggie. I heard they were
> going to tear it's a landmark. Gosh, it's nice to run into
> someone from the south side and talk about a few of the things I
> remember. Anyone in DeKalb whose last name is Gallagher is a relative.
> My great-grandmother was a Garvey and the original Gallagher female who
> came here was Catherine Garvey Gallagher who was married to Michael
> Gallagher of Mayo...Islandeady as far as I know. Catherine was a
> sister/aunt or cousin to my g'grandmother, Bridget Garvey O'Boyle. The
> O'Boyles are an elusive lot. I don't know if your cousin's Lawler friend
> is a relative or not...I'm more familiar with the older generations
> because of genealogy. Do you know this Lawler's first name? I've lost
> track of current Lawler descendants....can't even keep track of my nieces
> and nephews. I was riding the Norfolk/Southern train to work with a
> friend for two years and then found out he worked with a Garvey cousin.
> He used to talk about her and I never questioned it because it would be
> too coincidental. That's the second time something like that happened to
> me. I worked with a girl for a year, several years ago at Christ
> Hospital, and then found out she was a cousin...via Gallaghers of
> DeKalb... Pat
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> Subject: Re: Gallaghers
> Dear Pat,
> I'm from Visitation parish. Things have changed there,
> too. I know a
> Kathy Gallagher Alholm from DeKalb. Are you related to her? I
> live in
> Glen Ellyn, IL.
> My grandmother was a Gallagher from Killasser, Co Mayo and
> my mother's
> cousins were Gallaghers from Swinford Co. Mayo.
> There was a friend of one of my cousins, Bill Nolan, whose
> last name
> was Lawler. Any relative of yours?
> Kay Brennan Mammoser
> Researching Brennan, Kennedy, Gallagher in Co. Mayo and Brennan
> in Co.
> Sligo
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