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From: Kelly Ward <>
Subject: St Philips (correction)
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 11:53:00 -0500
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This is to correct what I had written to the previous digest V01 #34:

> I believe that St. Philips RC Church was formerly called St. Mel's. I have read
> many records from the Mormon library tapes, finding baptism, confirmations,
> marriages. The records are small enough that you can find much more information on
> affilliated families through godparents, witnesses at weddings, etc.
> St. Phillip Neri, 22132 E. 72nd street, Chicago 60649
> Kelly Ward in Michigan looking for Burke, Dushane, Nolan, Hodgins.

And to reply to Patricia who emailed me re: same.

> I've lived in Chicago my whole life (north side) & haven't heard of St.Philips RC church. I have
> heard of St. Mel's--Providence St Mels High School (119 S. Central Park Blvd), that is. Here's what I got in
> the current phone book (Chicago only):
> St. Mel Headstart Center
> St. Mel Holy Ghost Community Ministry
> St. Mel's Daycare
> St. Philip Child Care
> St. Philip Evan Lutheran Church (6232 S. Eberhart Av.) 708-493-3865
> St. Philip Neri Church (2132 E. 72nd) 708-363-1700
> St. Philip Neri Pre School
> St. Philip Neri School
> St. Phillips Missionary Baptist
> I'm not sure if this is of much help. I think the "RC" stands for ROMAN CATHOLIC. The address you have below
> is totally off--no such address!!The EAST side of Chgo doesn't go that far. Actually, the EAST side of Chgo
> is Lake Michigan!!

St. Phillip (spelling???) was the original name of the Catholic parish my BURKE &
DUSHANE families attended in Chicago @1880-1910 (which I believe is now on the west
side of the Kennedy Expressway & south of the White Sox park - not being from Chicago,
don't hold me to that!). Somewhere @1894 the parish name was changed to "St. Mel's".
If you are looking for records @1890's be sure to keep this name change in mind.

In the grip of a "senior moment" I confused the sequence of the name change and
replied to the list without checking my records - mea culpa - but picked up the St.
Philip listing I gave from the Diocese of Chicago website; which is the same as
Patricia's above cited "St. Philip Neri Church (2132 E. 72nd)......."

I offer my correction and my apologies to the list........Kelly

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