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From: K and D Nolan <>
Subject: A few good yuck-yucks at my expense, a visit to All Saints Cemetery
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 19:33:36 -0600

Early this afternoon, we pack the kids up and off to All Saints Cemetery
we go in Des Plaines, Cook County. I recently found out that some of my
Waldrons are buried there and this is good news since they seem to evade
us quite well.

For those of you who have never been to All Saints, or perhaps live out
of Illinois, let me tell you that "huge" is not a good enough term to
describe the size of All Saints Cemetery. Fortunately for us, we knew
to look in Section One.

But the WALDRONS were not the only ones I hoped to find, as my father's
German side of the family is rather large and devout Catholics
themselves, coming from the Wilmette/New Trier Township area.

Having some experience with Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery in Hillside
(another large and old cemetery), I figured All Saints Cemetery would
have the Irish buried here, the Germans buried there, and the Italians
over in another section; and of course non-Catholics (like me) would be
put in another spot. I use to laugh at such layouts but today, wished
that All Saints was set up like that to make finding folks easier.

Don't be surprised if you find my Germans buried next to your Irish
family or even on the same family plot. Don't take for granted the
surname on one side of the marker ~ better look at the other side too ~
and discover another surname with loved ones buried there. And of
course, look under your feet ~ you'll find some flat markers scattered
in for good measure too.

Need the surname of WALSH? How about a few dozen (times) a dozen
scattered all over the cemetery. Looking for that GAVIN or EGAN? Does
KENNEDY ring a bell? How many do you want?

So we are back home and I sit here and transcribe the markers I have
recorded information on ~ only to discover I forgot to press the
"record" button when I came to the all important, much anticipated
WALDRON name. Hope the photos turn out!

Darraugh Nolan
in IL

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