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From: (David Buzzek)
Subject: RE: John Joseph Fahey
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 09:50:00 -0500

7507 N Eastlake Terr is the northeast corner of the city, 2 blocks from Evanston IL. It sits on th lakefront in Rogers Park (a neighborhood of Chicago, as is Northtown. It is in the 49th Ward and just a few blocks from my home. Chicago City is not a term we use here, but would to anything within the city limits. Chicago is the term we use for the city itself, and Chicagoland for the general area of the city and surrounding suburbs. How far "Chicagoland" extends is up to individual interprtation.


>Hi Listers
>I just received the SS application of John Joseph Fahey. It was written June
>10, 1937. His address was 7507 Eastlake Terrace. I found the location on
>Can anyone tell me what ward this is? Is it in Chicago proper, North Town,
>Chicago City? BTW, I've never been to Chicago (unless you count my stopovers
>at O'Hare) so I would appreciate if someone can tell me the difference
>between Chicago, Chicago City and North Town.
>Nora Hopkins FitzGerald
>PS Winifred, any connection?
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