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From: KayB <>
Subject: Jordans from Carracanada, Swinford, Co. Mayo
Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 14:32:13 -0600

Dear John,
I talked to my mother (age 92) today and she gave me the lowdown on the
Jordans. They lived down the road from her in Carracanada. Dominick
married and had one child, Mary, then his wife died. I don't know her
name. Then he married Ellen Conway and had Sade (Sarah), Della and
Nellie. They also had a brother but she said they called him a nickname
that I can't spell and she didn't know where he came in the family or who
his mother was. She said he was a "bum" and never married. He would go
back and forth between Ireland and England and never settled. My mother
said that everyone used to call Dominick, "Dangerous Dom". Sade married
John Cronin but never had any children. Della married William Morley and
never had any children. My mother's friend was Nellie. She married a man
named Galvin and lived in the home place. She did have children, but I
don't know how many. She was the only one of Dominick's children to have
children herself. She just died earlier in the year at the age of 92.
Nellie and my mother would always write to each other at Christmas. I have
pictures of Nellie and Della if you would like to have me e-mail them.
Since I knew Nellie, Della and Sade I think I can say that they all
definitely looked like sisters.
I know that Mary, Sade and Della all lived in Visitation parish at one
time. I know that when Della died about 12 years ago she was living in St.
Rita parish.
The Doyle/Higgins connection comes in with my grandmother. She was
first married to Tom Doyle and his sister Winnie married a Higgins. They
lived across the road from the Jordans in Carracanada.
I do live outside of Chicago in Glen Ellyn. I know the area where your
g grandfather lived. Did you ever live in Chicago?


Kathleen Brennan Mammoser

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