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From: KayB <>
Subject: Brennan/Kennedy/Gallagher from Swinford
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:38:19 -0600

Dear John,
I'm so excited because I've never gotten an answer to anything I've
posted. The Jordans lived right next door to my mother in Carracanada and
I know the Doyle's are somehow related to my grandmother's first husband,
who was Tom Doyle. She was Ann Kennedy from Kinaffe. My mother's aunt,
Mary Kennedy, married John Gallagher, so all ten of their children are my
mother's, cousins. My mother's name is May Brennan.
Mary, Sade and Delia Jordan all came to Chicago and now are all dead.
They would have been in their 90's.
Does this sound like a match to you?

Kathleen B. Mammoser
Researching Gallagher, Brennan and Kennedy in Mayo and Brennan in Sligo

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