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From: "Betty Patton" <>
Subject: Voter Registration Sources
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 21:50:57 -0500

>From the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, 69 W. Washington, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60602, I received a clear copy of my g-g-grandfather's registration in 1892.

What they sent is entitled: Record and Index of Persons Registered and of Poll Lists of Voters, City of Chicago, Northern District of Illinois, 1892.

Most importantly, it contains information under the following headings:

Congressional Dist.
Residence (address)
Name (first and Last)
Nativity(U.S. State or foreign country)
Term of Residence for Precinct, County and State.
Native (yes or no)
Naturalized (yes or no)
Date of Papers (Naturalization)
Court (my relie did his at County Court of Cook Co.)
Date of Application to be Registered
Voted (yes or no).

It was well worth the charge of a dollar which accompanied the information sent.


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